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Ginette Garon founded the interior design firm Garon Design a little over 10 years ago. Passionate about interior design, she is a graduate in the field of interior design and has more than 20 years of experience in graphic arts, advertising, marketing and project management.


A carpenter's daughter, Ginette was exposed to cabinetmaking and construction at an early age. With good listening skills and a solid practical sense, she pushes her whole team and her partners to think by proposing spaces that take into account people’s most minute lifestyle habits. By using volumes, textures and materials, she uses her knowledge and skills to transform your environment into an effective and personalized living or working environment.


The harmony between the needs of the client and the concept developed then becomes possible and is based on complementarity.

Our services

No matter your needs in interior design, whether for a specific or large-scale project, we offer turnkey or “à la carte” solutions.

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Residential Renovation

Residential Construction


Service to Contractors

To improve, modify, or make the vision you have for your home a reality, we can help you with a turnkey or “à la carte” package.

From the architect's plans to the layout of your future home, we can accompany you with a turnkey or “à la carte” package.

To stand out from the crowd with a perfect and functional design, rely on our know-how for a specific stage or throughout the project.

To create functional and optimized spaces also, unique atmospheres, we are there.

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Our approach

The architect develops the shells and exterior volumes of the buildings. The interior designer exploits the spaces inside buildings. The decorator creates the decor by working with textures and colours. Beyond aesthetics, the interior designer finds solutions by exploiting the interior architecture in a creative and thoughtful way. When a client arrives with a new project, we start by analyzing their needs and expectations and then develop the concept, then we draft the plans for the construction. We are the bridge between you and the workforce. We are your watchdog and make sure that everything is well orchestrated.

Design Drafting and Proposals

Our services involve the drafting of plans and technical drawings for construction, support for all product choices: flooring, hardware, countertops, lighting fixtures, paint colours, furniture (dining room, armchairs), and more…

Monitoring of the Work

The team is here to help you find qualified labour and suppliers: flooring, plumbing, lighting fixtures, furniture and appliances.

We are present at the start of the work, the beginning of the plumbing and electrical work, as well as the taking of measurements by the cabinetmaker to ensure the proper continuity of the project between the various stages.

We conduct random site visits to detect minor defects that may have crept in.

Making Sure that the Project Meets your Expectations

We accompany you from beginning to end to ensure that your budget is always respected and that the deadlines are appropriate to the schedule you have chosen.

Our team will be at your side to help you with your plumbing, furniture and other purchases so that they fit into your budget and the specific style of your project.

Each project is flexible at every stage: we work in an approachable way with our clients to provide them with an inspiring experience that will allow them to grow in their living spaces while being proud of this achievement.

Our partners

Working with partners from within and around the region is not only a matter of principle for us, it is also a way of ensuring that our clients get the cream of the crop. Our local and national suppliers go out of their way to provide excellent customer service.

We share the same values: if a problem arises, they are eager to find solutions.

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